The Dovekeepers Trailer

The year of the Bible fizzled away but it is not the end of faith driven projects.  Beginning on March 31st we will have the opportunity to see The Dovekeepers, a two night event that is based on a novel that takes place during the First Jewish-Roman war.  Yes, that is right! I said Jewish-Roman War! If there was any Jewish historical event that was not part of the Bible that would be ripe for the cinema it would be this time.  So, obviously I have been very excited for this event! Add to this that the producers of this mini-series are Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, the same people who brought us The Bible Mini-series. Personally, I am more excited about that more from the potential of it and not really because I liked the Bible mini-series.  The fact that the director is Yves Simoneau, a man with a lot on his resume but not much really note worthy, makes me wonder about the quality of the mini-series.

The first promo for the series was just released, an event that I felt would calm my fears about the project.  Unfortunately, the trailer really didn’t do anything for me.  My personal opinion is that, for a mini-series about people trapped in a fortress during a roman siege it looks way too clean.  I will also say that if their target audience is the faith based community, the addition of certain scenes that imply sex I feel will do more to hurt the interest in the project then help it.

I will tell you though, I am still very interested in this project and hope that I am pleasantly surprised by it!  Take a look at the trailer below and share your thoughts!


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