The Following photos are not from any one source but rather images that various people took and then uploaded to places like Twitter and such.  These are from the filming that took place last week.  It doesn’t really show us anything more about the story.  However, the reason I wanted to post it was because I wanted to show that the scope for this film is large.  When viewing these photos I urge you to keep in mind that what you see will most certainly look different on screen as they will probably add more Roman soldiers to the back of the line or they might only show angles that give a large feel to what is there.  it is a very normal technique to use.  These photos are amazing.  I also think that the filming location is perfect.  It is meant to be Jerusalem during the time of Jesus and with these photos you can see the location really well.

For my previous posts of photos from the set of Ben-Hur Click HERE for the post of pictures of Ben-Hur on set and click HERE for the post of pictures of Jesus on set.

Ben Hur Army 1

Ben Hur Army 2

Ben Hur Army 3

Ben Hur Army 4

Ben Hur Army 5


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