On The White Track: A peek into the production of a Christian Film via Youtube!

David A.R. White is a name that is synonymous with Christian movies.  For me he is a mixed bag as he has helped to bring us more Christian film content, some of which I really enjoyed and some of which I did not.  I have been following his career in Christian films for a long time and his status continues to elevate.  Maybe not to the point where I am overly excited over things his name is attached too but I usually take notice.  He is one of the founders of a Christian movie studio called Pure Flix.  You might have seen some of their films, their largest success story being the film God’s Not Dead which he helped produce and also was an actor in (He was the Pastor that couldn’t get his rental car started.) He often shows up in his own films which is fine by me, he isn’t a terrible actor and if I am honest with myself, when I see him pop up in a movie I usually smile because I feel that we both want the same thing.  We both want good Christian movies.

Just last month he began posting a Web series on Youtube called “On the White Track” a fun name that I hope people realize is titled after his last name and is not race related. This series is a look behind the scenes of the film he is currently working on.  All four episodes have been from the film Dancer and the Dame which is listed as a comedy.  Already from watching these “webepisodes” I like what I see.  I see that they have hired Billy Gardell who plays Mike on Mike and Molly, someone who is familiar with comedy.  Also in this film you will see Mike Starr who I mostly recognize from Dumb and Dumber. More information on this film will most likely be covered in a later blog post, but what I wanted to highlight today is the Web show “On the White Track” it is actually quite entertaining.  Each episode is a fun three minute look into the behind the scenes life of the film and is done very well in my opinion.  I personally think it is the most entertaining thing Prue Flix has put out and if this is any indication of the humor of the film it makes me smile!  I will link the first 4 episodes below.  Feel free to view all of them and subscribe to the channel.  I hope you enjoy them (personally I sympathize with writer Tommy Blaze)

Webepisode #1

Webepisode #2

Webepisode #3

Webepisode #4


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