RISEN Directed by Kevin Reynolds Trailer Released!

A couple days ago I shared am update on a movie that I have been watching the development of for quite some time now.I got great news that the movie has found a distributor.  Well, today I was surprised by the release of the trailer release! Something I wasn’t expecting for awhile.  This movie is set to be released on January 22nd 2016 and is being Directed by the same director who is responsible for my favorite movie of all time, The Count of Monte Cristo! Kevin Reynolds is a very capable director and he also had a hand in the writing of this film along with Karen Janszen who wrote A Walk to Remember and Dolphin Tale.  This movie has major talent behind it and looks very good!

It also is telling a biblical story exacltly how I have been saying the film industry should be telling them.  Many of these big Hollywood films based on biblical stories have taken liberties with scripture in the name of making the story fresh.  They have been approaching it wrong.  You want to tell an old story and make it fresh, you need to tell it from a different point of view.  Enter the story from fresh eyes, much like Ben-Hur.  This film seems to do just that! I am extremely excited to see this movie.  Spread the word! let people know this film is coming because it looks as though this is the type of films we want more of!

Check out the Trailer here! Let me know what you think in the comment section below!



2014 was labeled the Year of the Bible by some because it had independent hits like God’s Not Dead and Big Budget movies on biblical events, Noah and Exodus: God’s and Kings.  I was very excited about 2014 but I need to admit I was quite disappointed.  I found the quality of God’s Not Dead disappointing and the retelling of Noah was anything but what I wanted.  Exodus was enjoyable for me but still disappointing. It seemed the Year of the Bible came, disappointed, then left.  I became concerned for a short time that maybe Hollywood would give up on biblical epics for another 50 years. There where still a few possible cinema saviors let, such as 2016’s Ben-Hur.  I began to get concerned again when I saw a certain film I was following fall off the radar.

You see, over a year ago I became aware of a film called Resurrection that was supposed to come out in 2015.  This film gave me hope.  It was being directed by Kevin Reynolds.  Who is Kevin Reynolds? Well, Kevin got his start by writing a cult hit in the 80’s called Red Dawn.  I enjoyed the story of Red Dawn but it was this move that positioned him to direct Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.  Robin Hood was a movie I was fascinated with when I was a child, before I knew anything about directors or writers or anything like that.  I just knew when I liked a film.  Of course, if Robin Hood was made today it would be considered cheesy but during the time it was filmed it was well received.

So, the question then is, can Kevin Reynolds do a more modern film successfully.  Well, if you asked me what my top 10 favorite movies of all time where I am sure that list would change depending on my mood but one movie that would always remain number one until a future movie knocks it down is a film by Kevin Reynolds.  The Count of Monte Cristo was directed by Kevin Reynolds.  That is seriously how I found out about this resurrection movie, I wanted to see what Kevin Reynolds was putting out next.  I liked his History Channel mini-series The Hatfields and McCoys and I love The Count of Monte Cristo, why shouldn’t I be excited for what comes next? and to my surprise, the movie he is tackling next is based on the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Not much was heard about this movie thought.  I kept waiting and waiting.  The film changed titles from Resurrection to Clavius.  I wasn’t sure what Clavius even meant but it was still said to be a film based on the resurrection. Still more time passed and nothing.  Eventually the IMDB database moved it from “filming” to “post-production” but it still didn’t have a release date.  This was odd.  It began to concern me, was the studio so concerned with the failing of bible movie at the theater that they didn’t even want to spend the money to finish and release this film?

Well, a few days ago I got my answer.  It seems the film had not had a distributor.  That all changed this passed week as it was announced that TriStar Pictures and LD Entertainment along with AFFIRM Films will be distributing this movie… which also had a second name change.  The film is now called “Risen” and we now know what exactly the film is about.

The film will revolve around the two soldiers that were sent to guard the tomb of Jesus.  After the disappearance of the body, these two soldiers are charged with finding out were it went.

Some might be concerned, what will they find? what will the movie say? I was concerned about this too, until I heard that it was being Distributed by AFFIRM Films.  AFFIRM Films is a division of Sony Pictures that seeks to market films to the Christian market.  They have distributed Courageous, Fireproof, Facing the Giants, When the Game Strands Tall and Heaven is For Real.  This means that their intent is to please the Christian base, not side step it.

I have reason to be excited again! My hope is, this will get the ball rolling on another “Year of the Bible!”


I started this blog to have a place to share my thoughts about Christian movies, to share about upcoming Christian movies and a place to review current Christian movies, but I don’t just care about Christian movies.  I love movies! Yes, this is why I want to see more Christian movies but I am not against secular movies.  Because of this fact, every once in a while I will post something about movies in general or about mainstream movies. I just love movies! If you know me you will also know that I love comic books and most specifically I love Superman.  It is because of these two facts that brings me to this post. I have had many people ask me my opinion on the new Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer that came online over the weekend.  I am an opinionated person, so I would not want to pass up this opportunity to share my opinion on something when I was actually asked to give it! (this might be lengthy, so I divided it up into segments and you can chose which you would like to read.)


Let me first tie this in a little to the overall purpose of this blog.  Ever since 1992 Superman has been portrayed as a Christ figure, obviously this is something that really resonates with me.  I have seen many people complain about this saying “Can’t Superman just be Superman, why bring religion into it?” Well, to these people I say, religion has always been in Superman.
Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, two Jewish boys living in Cleveland Ohio.  They created this character who has Super strength.  Super strength was the only power Superman had that the beginning.  He couldn’t fly, he didn’t have heat vision or X-ray vision, he was just really strong.  Much like the story they heard as Jewish boys growing up of a man by the name of Samson. Superman was created as a modern day Samson.  After they created the character they needed a back story so they created this story of a mother and father who placed their child in a rocket ship to escape a planet that was about to explode. Did you catch that? A little boy placed into a small ship… or ark… to escape death.  Siegel and Shuster gave their Samson Moses’ back story.  Superman was Moses with Samson’s abilities.  He was a super man that fought for the downtrodden, the poor, the weak, he was someone who would lead these people to a freedom from their oppressors. These boys made Superman’s given Kryptonian name “Kal-El” which is an English alliteration Hebrew words.  “El” we know is “God” or “of God.”  Much like well known Hebrew names like “Samu-El” which means “Heard of God” or Dani-El which means “Judge of God,” “Kal-El” means “vessel of God.” Separating religion from Superman would be to strip him of his depth and his original inspiration.

In 1992 a monster entered the comic book universe in the pages of the Superman comics.  This monster’s only reason for existing was to seek, devour and destroy.  The only person who could stand up against this monster was Superman.  Superman was successful in stopping this monster named Doomsday, but it cost Superman his life.  smallvilleSuperman had died in order to save the entire world.  But, why are there still Superman comics today? Because Superman came back from the dead! That’s right! Superman died to save the world but he came back!  Ever since then Superman has been a Christ figure! The parallels where shown in Smallville, which early promotions relied heavily on the “messiah” aspect of Superman.  Superman Returns promotion had a voice over of Superman’s father saying that he sends to Earth his only son.  And even Man of Steel had very heavy Christ symbolism involved.


Within the newest verison of the silver screen Superman we can see many Christ parallels. Beyond the ones I already mentioned about his origins when we first see Superman as an adult he is am man (with a beard) who is helping people in need.  After the call from Zod telling “Kal-El” to reveal himself we see Clark go to a church and ask advice.  He is wondering if he should really reveal himself as the alien in order to save the planet from destruction.  While he is asking this, we see over Clarks shoulders, a picture of Jesus praying in the garden.  This reveals the parallel between Superman’s torment and Jesus’. Over the priests shoulder (who is telling Clark that he should reveal himself to save the world) we see the cross.

Later in the film Superman has a face to face with his dead father who tells him that he should go, he can “save everyone.” At that moment Superman jumps backward into space with his arms outstretched as if on a cross then he zips away to save the day.  This on top of smaller things like Superman revealing that he is 33 years old all point to a large awareness that Superman is a Christ figure.

So, though it might be true that Superman was not created to be a Christ figure, he became that in 1992 which is something that cannot be undone.  Superman was a Moses figure from the beginning and then morphed into the Second Moses after dying and coming back to life.


As I have said, I have been a long time Superman fan.  I have many favorite stories from the Superman library! Some of them include Batman.  When they announced they were doing a Superman/Batman story I was not very happy.  Why? Well, a few reasons but most of all because Batman just had his spotlight for three films and I was looking forward to is being Superman’s time.  The biggest reason I was upset because I know the most popular Superman vs. Batman story, The Dark Knight Returns, and I hate.  The reason it is popular is because if you are a Batman fan you point to it as one of your favorite Batman stories of all time.  If you are a Superman fan you hate it because the character of Superman is all wrong.  In this story Superman has become a pawn of the Government. The president can tell Superman “go take out this dictator” and Superman goes.  Superman doesn’t think for himself, he is not someone who rescues people, he is someone who does the bidding of the Reagan looking president. The first part of the story is very good.  However, it ends with a show down between Batman and Superman in a way that you are rooting for Batman to win.

When Zack Snyder announced he was going to be doing a Batman/Superman movie he announced it by using a line from The Dark Knight Returns… and all the Batman fans cheered and all the Superman fans went “oh no!”  The Batman logo shown behind the Superman logo is almost exactly like the Batman logo from The Dark Knight Returns and then we see the Batman costume… which is almost exactly the same as the Dark Knight Returns costume.  When the first footage was shown at Comic-Con last year we see Batman in the same armor that he wore at the end of The Dark Knight Returns with Superman in the sky, eyes glowing, shrouded in darkness looking very menacing and looking like… a villain.

Needless to say, everything I have seen so far from this movie has pointed toward this movie being an adaption of my least favorite Superman story. And then this trailer leaked…


The teaser was not supposed to be released until today.  After the release of the Star Wars trailer (which I loved) I told my brother “this is the time to release the Batman V. Superman trailer.” Basically I knew that they had sent out the trailer to theaters for the release event and I knew at some point a low quality version would leak. It was time to get ahead of it. Late Thursday night a cell phone video of the footage was released, too late. I always tell myself that I will not watch a low quality leak… I will wait for the actual footage.  Then it leaks and I can’t help myself.

My first reaction to the leaked footage was… “I hate it!” it was very dark.  It looked to me like Superman was most certainly the bad guy.  It looked to confirm all my fears!  There was a lot I couldn’t see because the video quality was too poor but I saw enough to really disappoint me.

Then the HD version was officially released.  When I watched the HD version for the first I realized that it didn’t seem as dark as I thought the leaked version looked.  Don’t get me wrong, it still looked dark but not AS dark.  I still was frustrated that it appeared Superman was going to be the bad guy and we would be rooting for Batman.

Truth be told, the more I viewed the trailer the more I liked what I saw.  There are still portions that concern me.  I think the portion of greatest concern is the clip of soldiers bowing a knee to Superman.  These soldiers have a Superman “S” on their shoulder.  BvS2This brings back these fears of the Frank Miller comic I talked about before where Superman is a government stooge.  However, I do not know the context.  I will say that I could conceive of ways that this would be ok.  Are these a bunch of terrorist using Superman’s symbol to do things and Superman is there to stop them? After all, they do look like Nazi’s and the Nazi idea of Übermensch actually means Superman so, is this a group who thinks that the human race could become Supermen if they get rid of a certain segment of people and Superman is there to stop them? It is possible.

BvS3The shot of the vandalized statue that had spray painted “False God” on it at first turned me off to the movie however, the more I viewed the trailer the more it feels that Superman is not the villain but rather he is the underdog.  People are turning against him.  He just saved the planet from destruction and is now being blamed for it.

I was speaking with my brother about it and he brought up a very interesting idea.  His idea was, since the Man of Steel movie was so heavy on the Christ symbolism, what if they are carrying that over to this movie.  What if we will watch the crowed go from “hosanna!” to “Crucify him!” in this movie?  Or maybe the crowed has already turned.  When he shared that with me I said to him “Hold on… I need to go lock myself in a dark room and curl up in the corner and think about that for a long time.”  It would be very interesting.  As I began to think about that, I realized this could, if done right, become one of the greatest multi-movie stories I have ever seen.

Follow me here.  In Man of Steel he reveals himself to the world [just as Jesus began his ministry] In this movie the crowed turns from “Hosanna!” to “Crucify him!” [just as they did for Jesus] Put this together with rumors that somehow, in some way we see the creation or an allusion to Doomsday (the monster that kills Superman leading to the Death of Superman story either in Man of Steel 2, Justice League or somewhere down the road.  What if the Christ symbolism was so thick in the first one because they are setting it up to continue through multiple films?

Ever since my brother shared that I have become more and more fond of the trailer.  Even if I am not correct on this story arch (which I am probably not correct) what I am starting to see is that ever time I view the trailer I am viewing Superman less as the villain and more as someone who is being picked on or persecuted. The human race is starting to bully Superman… Now I am become more interested in this story line.  It is something we have never seen before and the question always becomes, how can you created a threat for Superman that presents a challenge.  Well, fighting popular opinion is incredibly hard no matter how many Superpowers you possess. What if Lex Luther who is in this trailer and says “we know better now don’t we? Devil’s don’t come from Hell beneath us, they come from the sky.” What if it is part of his master plan to defeat Superman.  What if Batman finds out that he is being played by Lex. Suddenly you have a real threat from Lex that has nothing to do with real-estate. We already can tell with this line that Lex is quite literally demonizing Superman.  Add this to the fact that when he finishes that line it is revealed to us that the statue says “False God.” It seems that Zack Snyder wants this trailer to show a philosophical/ religious debate going on within the context of the story.  Does this mean this movie will be something deeper than a throw down between Batman and Superman? I think when you examine the trailer, all the signs are pointing towards this movie being much deeper than your more fun but simple Marvel movies. Is it possible that what is going on is that the DC Cinematic Universe wants to be what Marvel is… but for grownups?

The dialog in this film is wonderful, even when I hated this trailer I said “I hate it… but it is well written dialog.  That is the touch that Oscar winner, Chris Terrio is bringing to the project.  As much as I loved Man of Steel

I will admit it was not all that well written.  David Goyer who wrote Man of Steel is good with coming up with story ideas but not the best at writing them out.  This movie will be a story by Goyer, written by Terrio and in this trailer I can already tell that it will be better written then Man of Steel.

I do find it interesting how so many people complained about Superman killing Zod at the end of Man of Steel and all the destruction in the movie when Superman really never had (until the 90’s) a rule agains

t killing.  However, Batman has, from his conception, a rule against killing and against using guns, yet we see in this trailer the Batplane shooting a bunch of guys in a pickup truck (to the point where it can be assumed no one survived.  Also, weBvS4 can see Batman on top of a building holding a sniper rifle. (I realize that this is another scene from The Dark Knight Returns comic and in the comic he doesn’t use it to kill… but still… no one even mentions it.


After thinking long and hard about this, my fears of this movie going wrong where overshadowing the enjoyment of this trailer.  I have seen people who know nothing about comics or Superheroes in general who felt that Batman came across as the Bad guy in this trailer.  This revealed to me that my bias was getting in the way.  As I stripped this way, as I began to look at this trailer as it really is, I began to enjoy it.  Remember folks, this is the first TEASER trailer.  Star Wars just release their second teaser which was longer then their first.  Fantastic Four just released their first full length trailer.  To compare these movie trailers you need to compare the Star Wars: Force Awakens teaser trailer #1 to this BvS trailer.  You need to compare the Fantastic Four teaser trailer to this BvS trailer.  To compare this teaser to the current trailers of either movie is to compare apples to oranges.  They have different goals. The trailer was not love at first sight… but I have come to the conclusion that I do in fact love this trailer. Do I think it was perfect? No.  But, I am excited for this film!

Check out the trailer here!

BEYOND THE MASK: Update and Critic reactions.

I have mentioned this movie before, but I think it is time to do some updating of information.  This past week, beginning on April 6th, a movie by the name of Beyond the Mask was released.  It was an odd release, you could not simply go to your movie theater and buy tickets, they were reservations only.  Unfortunately I was unable to see one of these screenings and was unaware of it’s odd release until the day of its release.  I must have not looked to much into it because there were no screenings around me anyway.  I apologize to any of my readers who wanted to see this film or even went to see this film and found out the hard way that this was not normal.

Let me first break down for you that the way this is being released is not any indication of how good the movie is.  Many indie films get creative with their releases.  It has lead to the success of films that would have originally been crushed if they went straight to a wide release.  In fact, the way they are releasing it makes me feel that they are confident in the film.  They are currently in the middle of a limited release with the hopes of going larger later.  The reason they might do this is because they feel that the film would get good word of mouth and make people excited to take their friends later.

I do not know when or if a wider release will happen so if you can get into one of these showings I would say GO FOR IT! As far as how things are going for word of mouth… well… I have heard only great reviews! What is being said is that it is fun, interesting, well acted, well directed and has a Christian message in it that doesn’t hit you over the head but works into the film.  These are all great.  In fact, one review really took me off guard.  This reviewer gave the film an 8.6 out of 10 stars! No, this review wasn’t from Christianity Today, it wasn’t from Pluggedin or Focus on the Family, it wasn’t from the Christian Post or from any well known mega church pastors… it was from a reviewer at Moviepilot.com!  You can check out the full review HERE.

The film looks well done to me and I know the writer is a competent writer.   Some people are saying that this movie is going to mark a new direction for Christian films! Which I believe Christian films could use a new direction.

So far, this film has only been released in a few theaters, its widest release being reported as 181 theaters, many of those only one showing.  However, on Monday April 6th it was number 8 in the nation for per-screen average gross and April 7th it was number 3! Those are good numbers! So far, it has made $343,255 according to Boxofficemojo.com.  How much did it cost to make? I am not sure because I cannot confirm a number anywhere but I did find one site claiming that the budget was $4 million dollars.  If this is in fact the case, not only do I feel they made every penny count while producing this film which is the opposite of how I feel with other Christian films but with a wider release I feel they could easily profit from this film if handled right and word of mouth continues to be high!

I do hope to see this film as soon as I can but I have not been this excited about an independently done Christian film in a very long time!

UPCOMING CHRISTIAN MOVIE: Woodlawn (Trailer Included)

A friend of mine just recently brought this movie to my attention.  Those few of you who went to see Do You Believe saw an exclusive look at this film.  The trailer was not released on the internet till today.  I think the hope was that people would flock to Do You Believe just like they did to God’s Not Dead but that was not the case, Do You Believe, though it is set to most likely be profitable for Pure Flix is not bringing in the numbers like God’s Not Dead did.
I sure hope that the marketing for this film can ramp up because this one looks good! The film is directed by the Erwin Brothers.  Who are the Erwin Brothers? Well, I have been trying to remember their names for a few years now, ever since I saw October Baby.  October Baby was a very good Christian movie that was heart felt and fun to watch at times and yet heart wrenching at other times.  It was a movie that did not hinge on deathbed conversions but rather showed Christians being Christians, doing good things, struggling with concepts of forgiveness and doing the right things and taking us on a journey with a girl who really isn’t sure what the right thing to do is.  It was a much richer movie then most Christian films and instantly made me want to see more from this film team.  They also directed Mom’s Night Out, which is a somewhat fun movie that I was not raving about but my wife and I actually got enjoyment out of it.
This film looks like it is in the vain of October Baby.  This one is based on a true story and reminds me a lot of Remember the Titans.  I look forward to seeing this film and I hope that after seeing this trailer you will also be looking forward to it.

Without further babbling, here is the trailer!

APOSTLE PAUL MOVIE: Staring Hugh Jackman!

On March 31st Deadline broke news of a project that was being developed.  Prior to this news breaking I was completely unaware of this project being in development.  What is this project? WB is developing a film based on the life of the Apostle Paul! I know what you might be thinking.  So what? Jesus will most likely appear as a young British boy who might be a figment of Paul’s imagination like in Exodus or Paul might be leading an army of Rock people that actually go into the world and build churches, similar to Noah.  Is there a possibility this might be another Biblical Epic turned religiously ambiguous skeptical commentary? Yes… it is possible but why give up hope? I would allow for 15 attempts that  disappoint to get one more Passion of the Christ!  I wanted to take some time to examine why I think this project has a better chance already then Noah and Exodus.

The Deadline article was written in a peculiar way. Let me kind of sum up the article.  Hugh Jackman is playing the Apostle Paul and also produce along with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck… and Jennifer Todd and some guy named Chris Clarke. The main subject of the article is Hugh Jackman.  The story that broke is not focusing on the fact that this movie is in the works but rather Hugh Jackman is staring in it and helping to produce and with this breaking news the PR on this movie starts on a wrong foot with its target audience, the faith based crowd.

“But Reel Pastor, why do you say that?” even though I have not heard this yet because not many have actually become aware of this news, I can tell you what is going to be the backlash.  “Hugh Jackman is a spiritualist.” Or they might say he is New Age, or Pagan, or Universalist or a student of Transcendental Meditation.  Whatever the narrative becomes, they will most likely have good cause to think this way. Jackman has made it clear that he does not share the same belief as his Christian parents.  When he married, he had a special engagement ring made for his wife that had the inscription “We dedicate our union to a greater source.” You know, whatever that greater source might be is the implication.  He has talked in great lengths that his father is not pleased with his differing thoughts about God and religion.   So yes, this will be the narrative I am sure.  However, these people will be missing something in this article.  Hugh Jackman is joining an already existing project! He is not the originator, he is not the driving force.  He was brought on to play Paul and in doing so he also took on a larger role as one of the producers.

So, who should we look at for this film.  Is it Matt Damon? Well, already we have a problem… his name is one letter away from Demon! He must be evil!… OK, I hope there won’t be any serious talk about this.  From what I can tell, Matt Damon does not claim any religious beliefs.  That is fine with me because I don’t think Demon… I mean Damon is the driving force behind this project either.  Keep in mind I don’t have any inside knowledge of this project so I am simply speculating. However, having no claim to any religious persuasion would make it unlikely that he would try to push any other agenda into a project that is being made to appeal to a Christian demographic.

How about Ben Affleck? Well, here is where it gets interesting for me.  I know for some, the inclusion of Ben Affleck might be a sour taste for this project. After all, the films he has directed have been filled with foul language, he acted in the movie Dogma which upset quite a few Christians and his political views are liberal as he is an outspoken supporter of the Democrat party (which is also one letter away from Demon-crat.) However, with all this in consideration I tell you that Ben Affleck’s involvement in this project is one of the things that gives me great hope!  Let me break this down for you.  Ben Affleck describes himself as being a “lapsed Protestant.” This means that he has at one time been a Protestant and even though the term “lapsed” implies he is no longer a Protestant the term is vague enough that he might consider himself lapsed for a wide variety of reasons that have nothing to do with disbelief.  He might disagree with some doctrines, he might be disgruntled with the behavior of some who bear the name of Protestant.  Many of these reasons, as a Pastor, I would love to discuss with him and try to convince him that these are not reasons to be a “lapsed Protestant” but one reason that I do not believe this is a cause for concern is that he still cares enough about Christianity to have his three children baptized in a United Methodist Church.

I guess the real question is, what is the possible outcome of a film being made by a person who at least loosely identifies or respects the foundation of the Christian belief? Well, how did it work for Mel Gibson? Gibson identifies as a Catholic but much of his behavior would say that he doesn’t hold to a very strict Catholicism.  Affleck being attached to this project is a far cry from Atheist Ridley Scott’s attachment to Exodus or Agnostic Darren Aronofsky’s attachment to Noah.  With the two latter examples you have directors who really have no reason to stay true to the source material.  There is no belief in the overall premise of the source material.  It was viewed by both as being simply a myth.  However, with Affleck there is a basic belief shared in the source material.  How strong is his faith in it? I couldn’t tell you, but it is there whether it be a little or a lot.  Again, I don’t see any reason to believe that Affleck would be somehow less respectful of the story of Paul than Gibson was of the story of Jesus.

Another bonus of having Affleck attached is that it seems that everything Affleck touches recently gets nominated for many awards, including Oscars.  If nothing else, I can say that this film will most likely be of high quality!

Yet, there are still two names mentioned in this article.  One is Jennifer Todd who is mentioned simply because she is the president of Pearle Street Films, the film company started by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.  He involvement is for that reason only.  And that last name Chris Clarke is really the name to be focusing on.  Unfortunately the article does not specify which Chris Clarke they are talking about.  If you try to research Chris Clarke you might find a few different possibilities however, the one that IMDB.com is attaching to these news articles is a man who does not have anything but a credit on the music department for Star Wars.  This Chris Clarke, according to Deadline is the originator of this project.  This is the man who has been the champion of this project.  It is exciting for me to see Affleck attached but I want to know more about Chris Clarke!

So, even though this Deadline article focuses on Hugh Jackman, he is the newcomer to the project.  He is the one who, thus far, has had nothing to do with the project beyond scoring the lead role.  Yet the person that has the most to do with this project is hardly given any attention at all.  It makes me nervous yet gives me hope in this project all together!  Do I wish there were other names attached to this project that are more passionate about the source material? Or Christianity as a whole? Yes.  But so far they have been preoccupied with making end times films and cheesy sudden conversion films to make a film like this.  I wait in anticipation to hear more about this project!

BEYOND THE MASK: Here is a glimpse of the opening scene.

The Burns Family Studios is about to release there second feature lengthen film and the first one that will be released in theaters. This is indeed a Christian film and unlike Christian films in of the past, this one if focusing on adventure and heroism! This one looks very well done, with professional actors and a tested writer who has written novels and episodes of the radio program Adventures in Odyssey.  I have not seen this film, and the budget has not been revealed.  However, everything I have seen from this film has lead me to believe that if you want good Christian movies to continue to come out, and continue to improve on all fronts then you should seek out this film! Below I will link a video that the studio (which is basically a Home school family) has released on Youtube.  It shows the first 2 minutes of the movie.  Listen to that film score! feel that tension… a very well shot two minutes.  It is true that the rest of the film could be horrible but so far I see enough to give me hope!

Check to see if it is playing near you here.

Check out the video here!