BEYOND THE MASK: Here is a glimpse of the opening scene.

The Burns Family Studios is about to release there second feature lengthen film and the first one that will be released in theaters. This is indeed a Christian film and unlike Christian films in of the past, this one if focusing on adventure and heroism! This one looks very well done, with professional actors and a tested writer who has written novels and episodes of the radio program Adventures in Odyssey.  I have not seen this film, and the budget has not been revealed.  However, everything I have seen from this film has lead me to believe that if you want good Christian movies to continue to come out, and continue to improve on all fronts then you should seek out this film! Below I will link a video that the studio (which is basically a Home school family) has released on Youtube.  It shows the first 2 minutes of the movie.  Listen to that film score! feel that tension… a very well shot two minutes.  It is true that the rest of the film could be horrible but so far I see enough to give me hope!

Check to see if it is playing near you here.

Check out the video here!


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