BEYOND THE MASK: Update and Critic reactions.

I have mentioned this movie before, but I think it is time to do some updating of information.  This past week, beginning on April 6th, a movie by the name of Beyond the Mask was released.  It was an odd release, you could not simply go to your movie theater and buy tickets, they were reservations only.  Unfortunately I was unable to see one of these screenings and was unaware of it’s odd release until the day of its release.  I must have not looked to much into it because there were no screenings around me anyway.  I apologize to any of my readers who wanted to see this film or even went to see this film and found out the hard way that this was not normal.

Let me first break down for you that the way this is being released is not any indication of how good the movie is.  Many indie films get creative with their releases.  It has lead to the success of films that would have originally been crushed if they went straight to a wide release.  In fact, the way they are releasing it makes me feel that they are confident in the film.  They are currently in the middle of a limited release with the hopes of going larger later.  The reason they might do this is because they feel that the film would get good word of mouth and make people excited to take their friends later.

I do not know when or if a wider release will happen so if you can get into one of these showings I would say GO FOR IT! As far as how things are going for word of mouth… well… I have heard only great reviews! What is being said is that it is fun, interesting, well acted, well directed and has a Christian message in it that doesn’t hit you over the head but works into the film.  These are all great.  In fact, one review really took me off guard.  This reviewer gave the film an 8.6 out of 10 stars! No, this review wasn’t from Christianity Today, it wasn’t from Pluggedin or Focus on the Family, it wasn’t from the Christian Post or from any well known mega church pastors… it was from a reviewer at!  You can check out the full review HERE.

The film looks well done to me and I know the writer is a competent writer.   Some people are saying that this movie is going to mark a new direction for Christian films! Which I believe Christian films could use a new direction.

So far, this film has only been released in a few theaters, its widest release being reported as 181 theaters, many of those only one showing.  However, on Monday April 6th it was number 8 in the nation for per-screen average gross and April 7th it was number 3! Those are good numbers! So far, it has made $343,255 according to  How much did it cost to make? I am not sure because I cannot confirm a number anywhere but I did find one site claiming that the budget was $4 million dollars.  If this is in fact the case, not only do I feel they made every penny count while producing this film which is the opposite of how I feel with other Christian films but with a wider release I feel they could easily profit from this film if handled right and word of mouth continues to be high!

I do hope to see this film as soon as I can but I have not been this excited about an independently done Christian film in a very long time!


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