2014 was labeled the Year of the Bible by some because it had independent hits like God’s Not Dead and Big Budget movies on biblical events, Noah and Exodus: God’s and Kings.  I was very excited about 2014 but I need to admit I was quite disappointed.  I found the quality of God’s Not Dead disappointing and the retelling of Noah was anything but what I wanted.  Exodus was enjoyable for me but still disappointing. It seemed the Year of the Bible came, disappointed, then left.  I became concerned for a short time that maybe Hollywood would give up on biblical epics for another 50 years. There where still a few possible cinema saviors let, such as 2016’s Ben-Hur.  I began to get concerned again when I saw a certain film I was following fall off the radar.

You see, over a year ago I became aware of a film called Resurrection that was supposed to come out in 2015.  This film gave me hope.  It was being directed by Kevin Reynolds.  Who is Kevin Reynolds? Well, Kevin got his start by writing a cult hit in the 80’s called Red Dawn.  I enjoyed the story of Red Dawn but it was this move that positioned him to direct Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.  Robin Hood was a movie I was fascinated with when I was a child, before I knew anything about directors or writers or anything like that.  I just knew when I liked a film.  Of course, if Robin Hood was made today it would be considered cheesy but during the time it was filmed it was well received.

So, the question then is, can Kevin Reynolds do a more modern film successfully.  Well, if you asked me what my top 10 favorite movies of all time where I am sure that list would change depending on my mood but one movie that would always remain number one until a future movie knocks it down is a film by Kevin Reynolds.  The Count of Monte Cristo was directed by Kevin Reynolds.  That is seriously how I found out about this resurrection movie, I wanted to see what Kevin Reynolds was putting out next.  I liked his History Channel mini-series The Hatfields and McCoys and I love The Count of Monte Cristo, why shouldn’t I be excited for what comes next? and to my surprise, the movie he is tackling next is based on the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Not much was heard about this movie thought.  I kept waiting and waiting.  The film changed titles from Resurrection to Clavius.  I wasn’t sure what Clavius even meant but it was still said to be a film based on the resurrection. Still more time passed and nothing.  Eventually the IMDB database moved it from “filming” to “post-production” but it still didn’t have a release date.  This was odd.  It began to concern me, was the studio so concerned with the failing of bible movie at the theater that they didn’t even want to spend the money to finish and release this film?

Well, a few days ago I got my answer.  It seems the film had not had a distributor.  That all changed this passed week as it was announced that TriStar Pictures and LD Entertainment along with AFFIRM Films will be distributing this movie… which also had a second name change.  The film is now called “Risen” and we now know what exactly the film is about.

The film will revolve around the two soldiers that were sent to guard the tomb of Jesus.  After the disappearance of the body, these two soldiers are charged with finding out were it went.

Some might be concerned, what will they find? what will the movie say? I was concerned about this too, until I heard that it was being Distributed by AFFIRM Films.  AFFIRM Films is a division of Sony Pictures that seeks to market films to the Christian market.  They have distributed Courageous, Fireproof, Facing the Giants, When the Game Strands Tall and Heaven is For Real.  This means that their intent is to please the Christian base, not side step it.

I have reason to be excited again! My hope is, this will get the ball rolling on another “Year of the Bible!”


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