RISEN Directed by Kevin Reynolds Trailer Released!

A couple days ago I shared am update on a movie that I have been watching the development of for quite some time now.I got great news that the movie has found a distributor.  Well, today I was surprised by the release of the trailer release! Something I wasn’t expecting for awhile.  This movie is set to be released on January 22nd 2016 and is being Directed by the same director who is responsible for my favorite movie of all time, The Count of Monte Cristo! Kevin Reynolds is a very capable director and he also had a hand in the writing of this film along with Karen Janszen who wrote A Walk to Remember and Dolphin Tale.  This movie has major talent behind it and looks very good!

It also is telling a biblical story exacltly how I have been saying the film industry should be telling them.  Many of these big Hollywood films based on biblical stories have taken liberties with scripture in the name of making the story fresh.  They have been approaching it wrong.  You want to tell an old story and make it fresh, you need to tell it from a different point of view.  Enter the story from fresh eyes, much like Ben-Hur.  This film seems to do just that! I am extremely excited to see this movie.  Spread the word! let people know this film is coming because it looks as though this is the type of films we want more of!

Check out the Trailer here! Let me know what you think in the comment section below!


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