We are indeed getting closer to seeing the first trailer for Ben-Hur.  In Fact, I expect it sometime in the next 2 weeks.  Really, the possibility that the first trailer could drop any day now is really high.  I have been keeping my eye open for it!  I know that the first trailer for Zoolander 2 (which is also distributed by Paramount) has already received it’s classification and is ready to drop within the next few days. That film opens February 12 and Ben-Hur is set to open February 26th.  The price tag on Ben-Hur makes me wonder why they haven’t begun promoting the film already (releasing official movie stills, movie posters.) Don’t be tempted to think this has anything to do with the quality of the film yet.  I have no knowledge of there marketing strategies and am just speculating on what often is the norm.  Plenty of film marketing has deviated from the norm and still found success. John Wick’s first trailer dropped a month before the movie was released.  Granted that was a movie that was made for only $20 Million and made only $40 Million but it does show that each movie has it’s own strategy.

With that said, a photo was released showing Roma Downey and Mark Burnett on the set of Ben-Hur.  Any fan of Ben-Hur movie or novel will automatically recognize the set. The photo does make me smile. Do you recognize it?

Ben-Hur Set

Also, Jack Huston was asked in an interview at Comic-Con about the film.  He said a few things, all which make me feel good about the movie.  He also did seem to forget Charlton Heston’s name.  That’s ok Mr. Huston, sometimes names slip from my mind too.  I don’t know if he ever saw the 1959 version but if he didn’t that would be fine with me because he says in the interview that this is a different take.  he says the golden words.  The words I wanted to hear! He says that instead of going back to the 1959 movie, they went back to the Lew Wallace Novel!… and when he said that… i leaped for joy… I did… right here at my desk… knocked my knee pretty hard… but it was worth it.  Check out the interview in the link below!  What do you think, do his words excite you for the film or scare you?