I have long said Kevin Reynolds is a very underrated director.  He doesn’t pump movies out every other year but when he comes out with something, I usually expect something special.  That is why, when I heard a few years back that he was working on a film about the death and resurrection of Jesus I was overjoyed! At the time the film was called Resurrection and it has changed names a few times over the past few years most recently changing from Clavius to Risen.  A new trailer was just released and it looks just as good as the last one.  Please check it out! Please share it with your friends! This movie is sure to please the Christian going audience as Sony felt that it was worthy of being placed under their faith based banner “Affirm Films” Which is where they place films like Heaven is for Real, Courageous, Fireproof and War Room which opens this week in theaters.

The trailer is an international trailer so the 2015 release is not the US release.  In the US this film is set for release on January 22, 2016.  International readers will need to find out when it will be released in your country.


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