About The Reel Pastor

I have always loved stories.  Some of my very earliest memories are of creating stories for myself or watching stories unfold on TV or in the pictures of a book.  I have always recognized the awesome power that rests in a story. I am indeed a Pastor, and as a Pastor I began to see that God also loves story.  Jesus wielded the power of story masterfully as he used story to spread a message. I began this blog because story is being used today to spread messages in the form of cinema and I wanted a place where I could share what is going on and also give my opinion. I hope I can help spark thought and bring awareness to movies that use the power of story to further the Kingdom of Heaven. My grammar may not always be good, I am horrible with spelling but my opinions and reviews will always be honest!

Really, this is the type of stuff I look up on my free time so I thought this would be a good way to pass on what I find to anyone who might be interested!


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