Of Kings and Prophets CANCELED

I must admit, I feel a little gypped.  I had wanted to watch the ABC TV series based on the life of David and write up my personal review and compare it to the biblical text.  Unfortunately the combination of being a father, being a Pastor, having jury duty and Easter coming up has not left me with a lot of time to add a new TV Show to my watch list. I figured it would be ok.  I mean, the TV show looked to be of high budget and I figured the network would want to get it’s moneys worth which would mean that I would have time to catch up.  After all, I am just 2 episodes behind and Easter is almost upon us.  I can catch up after that…. right?…. right?…. no…

Last night EW confirmed that ABC has decided to cancel the show after airing just two episodes.  Low ratings, especially in the demographic that advertisers love to market to has lead to its very premature demise.  What went wrong? Do Christians not watch Television? Do they not want tv shows following their Biblical heroes?

I can only venture a guess as I have not gone around interviewing people and I have not seen the show… so maybe I can speak to why it wasn’t a higher priority on my list.  After all, if this was the new Ben-Hur movie you could bet I would have found the time in my schedule to watch it!

Here is my guess… ABC didn’t know who they should be advertising to or who the story content would most appeal to. Let me explain, I am not saying this should have been a fluffy poor quality Christian movie equivalent of a TV series but the advertising even set me aback as a rather forgiving Christian TV watcher.  Look at much of the advertisement, The first two banners I saw where of half naked, or fully naked women from behind.  The first trailer for the series showed sexuality that wouldn’t just push the boundaries of a conservative Christian but rather push the boundaries of what is currently on cable TV.  The comment my wife made after seeing the advertisement was “That looks really good but… wow.” and I responded by saying “I know.” Look, I realize that some Christian’s out their are indeed looking for a sanitized fluffy version of Biblical stories but I am not.  I would be the perfect demographic to get on board. I mean, come on! I watch Hell on Wheels, you mean to tell me you couldn’t tone it down a little bit?

I believe the problem is not that this show didn’t look to please the conservative crowd… but rather the problem was they went for the Game of Thrones crowed.  They showed as much sex as they could possibly get away with and they advertised it almost like it was a peep show set during the time of David.  Vikings is a gritty show and it is far from sanitized but they didn’t even go for that crowd.

Of course, the Christian TV watchers will be blamed for not tuning in.  Some will blame them for not knowing their Bible and not realizing that their is sex in the actual text… but those same people will fail to realize, many already know this but they just don’t feel the need to be sitting in the bedroom watching it happen.  That is creepy.  Is creativity completely gone? have writers, directors and show runners completely lost the ability to find creative ways of implying something without being so in your face?  ABC, you had a product that could have worked, but in your lack of restraint, you offered a tainted product that was to raunchy for the fans of the source material and too Bible oriented for the demographic you where advertising to.  Learn from it.  Maybe some day we could actually get an Bible epic TV series… unfortunately I don’t see that time coming soon as the film industry is still trying to figure out the Biblical epic in movie form.



In my post about Biblical and faith based movies coming out in 2015, I forgot to add David and Goliath so for my first official blog of the new year I would like to correct that. You see, I have been following this film for quite some time now.  The director of this film, Timothy Chey, seems to have the education and resume to pull off something special.   So far nothing on his list of movies he has directed have been anything special but one could argue that it was financing that stood in his way, not actual talent. So when I heard he was planning on doing a big budget David and Goliath movie I was excited! My excitement was only added to when I heard that the budget would be around $50 Million dollars.  Somehow it slipped by me that production had already started and was completed and has now entered post-production.  I was completely surprised when I recently discovered that the trailer for the movie had been released a month ago and somehow I missed it.  These are the type of things I like to be aware of, and since I had been following this movie from its first announcement it is beyond me how I missed all this.  This post is going to be a little different than most.  I am going to put time markers in the post and then tell you how I reacted at those moments, then at the end I will post the trailer so you can then go and see what I was talking about.  So lets begin!

0:04 – a motion digital logo! It always adds a little class this already has potential!

0:08 – BEAUTIFUL SHOT! Oh man I can’t wait!


0:19 – Ok, well, costumes didn’t really work in that shot but I can look past it.

0:26 – oh no… with one second of footage all of my hopes have been crushed… couldn’t they at least straighten his helmet?

0:47 – what a completely horrendous shot! It invokes laugher… it really does…

0:48 – That looks like me and my brother playing around in the back yard.

0:55 – Seriously… if Exodus was being accused of “White Washing” how is this going to go?

1:00 – This has turned into something that looks like a church play production.

1:12 – Did you really just mess with the colors because you can?

1:17 – See, if the rest just looked like this I would be ok… but it doesn’t

1:21 – Really? You think that scene worked? You didn’t by any chance want to go reshoot it? Maybe a better angle?

1:26 – $50 Million? You couldn’t possibly have spent $50 Million….

1:36 – he’s trying so hard… but… (sigh)

After watching this trailer, a trailer I have actually looked forward to, dreamed about, I was utterly crushed.  I really feel like crying.  This was suppose to have a budget of $50 Million! Did it? My prayer has now gone from “I hope it is good” to “I hope to find out they actually didn’t spend $50 Million. If they did spend $50 Million, then I don’t even know what to say.  To think of all the other projects out there that could have benefited from that money. To give you a little perspective on this.  The Passion of the Christ was $30 Million.  The entire first season of Vikings was $40 Million.  You get it? If it indeed was $50 Million, then they did a horrible job! Quality should have been much better.  And apparently the money they did spend on this movie didn’t even include promotion and such because they are asking for donors right now.  This is why Christian movies get a bad rap.  Here is a perfect example of the problem not being the budget, rather the talent.  I am sorry to be so harsh but when people get my hopes up that high and then smash them like this I get grumpy.  See for yourself, watch the trailer below and let me know what you think. Am I being too harsh?