‘Unveiled’ or ‘Touched By and Angel 2.0?’

Roma Downey and Husband, Mark Burnett, have been very active recently when it comes to faith based content.  They were the producers of The Bible miniseries which will be continued soon by A.D. Beyond the Bible, they are producing another miniseries called The Dovekeepers based on the novel by the same name that also has a faith aspect to it.  They are producing a movie called Little Boy which is a story about the power of faith and they are also producing the remake to Ben-Hur which is based on the novel Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ. However, this is not all they are up to.  The end of January Roma Downey and Mark Burnett announced another series they will be producing for NBC (NBC is where you will be able to watch A.D. even though its predecessor was on The History Channel.) This new series that is set to air during the 2015-2016 season (which usually begin in September) is called “Unveiled” it is about guardian angels that attempt to restore faith and save people in the midst of crisis. Sound familiar? Well, it should! Roma Downey because a house hold name during her time staring in the successful TV show “Touched by an Angel.” I am sure that this show came up in the discussions to create this new show about angels.

For those of you who where fans of “Touched by an Angel” this might be something you would like to try out.  Being that it is at the beginning stages of development I do not have much information on the project other than it is set to star Stephan James, an actor who just recently starred in Oscar Nominated Selma.  James is set to play a rookie Guardian Angel who is just learning about human suffering.  It should be interesting to see this project unfold as it is coming close to the normal premier time.  Will this show be anything like Touched by an Angel? Will it please the faith based community? Will the faith based community give it a shot? Time will tell!