Passion of the Christ 2 Directed by Mel Gibson!

I am sorry that I have not posted much recently.  This one and only downside of being a new father along with my regular pastoral duties.  Not to mention that given my location and having a little one makes it hard to get to a movie theater to do any type of reviews of Christian based movies such as God’s Not Dead 2.

However, The Hollywood just broke a story that I just NEEDED to post about! Anyone who knows me knows just how much I feel The Passion of the Christ is a straight up masterpiece.  It helps that before the movie ever came out I was already a fan of Mel Gibson as a director and a huge fan of a mostly unknown Jim Caviezel.  I have posted several times on this blog that Little Boy director was directing a Passion of the Christ prequel and that this project was after the producers had already rejected a script that would go on to be Risen directed by Kevin Reynolds.  There have been many attempts to further capitalize on the success of The Passion of the Christ which still stands as the highest grossing independent film in history.  Well, after a long time of not hearing anything from the Passion of the Christ prequel… and seeing as it kind of dropped off the map, one may wonder what is being done to continue this franchise. I don’t care if it is viewed as a cash grab… as long as it delivers in the same way The Passion did.

Well, in an exclusive interview with THR, Randell Wallace, who wrote Braveheart (which was directed by Mel Gibson) and wrote Hacksaw Ridge (Mel Gibson’s next film coming out later this year) and who directed Heaven is for Real, Wallace revealed the project he is currently writing… The Passion of the Christ 2 which MovieWeb speculates will be retitled The Resurrection of the Christ which would please me so very much!  This isn’t the only bit of information that Wallace dropped… the magnificent screen writer also said that Mel Gibson was set to direct! He said that it was the outcry from the Christian audience for more Christ centered films that has convinced him to return!

Say what you will about the man Mel Gibson but God has crammed buckets full of talent in that crazy head of his and I simply cannot wait.


Looking at Randell Wallace’s background also convinces me that he has the right care and passion for this script as well.  He was a Religion major at Duke University and claims the Resection was something of a specialty of his.  He has longed to bring this story to the screen.

Now, it does tend to take Mel Gibson a long time to piece together his masterpieces with there being 9 years between Braveheart and The Passion of the Christ and 10 years between Apocalypto (his last film) and Hacksaw Ridge (His next film).  But, there was only 2 years between The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto, so time will tell what kind of timeframe we are looking at for this project.  My hope is that it will be more the 2 years than the 10 years.

I look forward to posting more about this project the next time I hear any news about it!