UPCOMING CHRISTIAN MOVIE: Woodlawn (Trailer Included)

A friend of mine just recently brought this movie to my attention.  Those few of you who went to see Do You Believe saw an exclusive look at this film.  The trailer was not released on the internet till today.  I think the hope was that people would flock to Do You Believe just like they did to God’s Not Dead but that was not the case, Do You Believe, though it is set to most likely be profitable for Pure Flix is not bringing in the numbers like God’s Not Dead did.
I sure hope that the marketing for this film can ramp up because this one looks good! The film is directed by the Erwin Brothers.  Who are the Erwin Brothers? Well, I have been trying to remember their names for a few years now, ever since I saw October Baby.  October Baby was a very good Christian movie that was heart felt and fun to watch at times and yet heart wrenching at other times.  It was a movie that did not hinge on deathbed conversions but rather showed Christians being Christians, doing good things, struggling with concepts of forgiveness and doing the right things and taking us on a journey with a girl who really isn’t sure what the right thing to do is.  It was a much richer movie then most Christian films and instantly made me want to see more from this film team.  They also directed Mom’s Night Out, which is a somewhat fun movie that I was not raving about but my wife and I actually got enjoyment out of it.
This film looks like it is in the vain of October Baby.  This one is based on a true story and reminds me a lot of Remember the Titans.  I look forward to seeing this film and I hope that after seeing this trailer you will also be looking forward to it.

Without further babbling, here is the trailer!